Sexually Transmitted Disease is considered one of the most serious and contagious diseases that are really hard and expensive to cure. Bacterial STDs may be treated if a treatment begins at the early stage of this disease. Good thing there is a cheap std testing material that can be used to detect and test this STD. It is important to take note that we are not allowed to take someone’s medication to cure your illness as it may become harder to treat.  

Acquiring STD

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Here are the factors that can contribute in acquiring STD: 

Unprotected sex

Using condom or other birth control method isn’t an assurance that you won’t become infected with sexually transmitted bacteria. Vaginal or anal sex with an infected person who isn’t wearing a condom increases the risk of getting an infection. Oral sex may be less dangerous but bacteria can still be transmitted without the use of a condom and dental dam. It is necessary to have a safe sex. It can help you to protect against sexually transmitted disease. Making this as your obligation can also help you to feel surer in your sexual decision making.  

Having more than one sex partner

It is very simple that when you have more partners, the more chances that you will be exposed to the sexually transmitted disease. If you have more partners there is a big possibility that the individual that you are having sexual intercourse is most likely to have an infection than someone you would choose to be your only partner.  

Illegal drug use

People who are doing sex under the influence of drugs are connected with the high risk of sexual behavior. Also, drug abuse can restrain your decision making, making you more than willing to join in risky behaviors.  

Trading sex for money 

There are people who trade sex for the sake of money. The partners that we can get on this activity are more likely to be infected with a sexually transmitted infection than the people in the usual population.  

Too youngto have sexual intercourse

Young people aged between15 to 24 have a higher risk to get an infection. Their bodies are smaller and there is a big possibility that they will experience tearing during sexual intercourse.  

Alcohol use

Too much alcohol intake can affect your health in so many ways. People who are under the influence of alcohol, especially in social situations, make him less choosy in choosing a partner and make it harder to convince his partner to use a condom.  

Using birth control pills

We are aware that the biggest worry about having sex is not about having STD, its pregnancy. Many sexual partners choose to take pills as their main form of contraception. In this case, people are unenthusiastic to use condoms as part of their intercourse. This can be because they are scared to admit that their partner has a disease or maybe because they just don’t like using condoms. The best choice to make is to use both of the birth control pills and condoms.  

If you are sexually active, you need to get tested frequently for STD. It is important that you have an opinion with your health care provider about any activities that might place you in a situation that you might regret.  Being aware of the risk factors can keep you to stay healthy without having to resort to abstinence.